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Colleen Atwood, CEO of Atwood, LLC is passionate about business administration. She enjoys assisting other small- and medium-sized business owners with tasks they simply don’t have time for during the day. She appreciates how overwhelming it can get to try to balance work and personal life. With fifteen years’ experience handling business administration tasks in the maritime, higher education, manufacturing, and emergency preparedness industries, Colleen can handle these tasks for you with ease.
Having grown up in the Greater Seattle area, she currently lives minutes away from Harbor Island, Nucor Steel, Alki Beach, the Duwamish, and the downtown waterfront. She loves everything to do with the maritime and manufacturing industries and is thankful for the opportunities she’s been given throughout the years to work with incredible and unique individuals.
During her downtime, her hobbies are writing her books, crochet, cross stitch, baking, golf, hiking, and loves taking drives up to Snoqualmie with her husband. Throughout the year, she is a part-time Game Master for the Seattle Escape Games. And during October, she is Head of Parking for the Georgetown Morgue - Seattle's own local haunted house.
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Interview with Colleen Atwood:
  1. What type of education do you have?
    I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  2. Do you hold any certificates?
    Yes. I hold a Supply Chain Management certification.
  3. Who is your ideal client?
    My idea client is the small or medium-sized business owner who is looking to grow their company but is becoming overwhelmed by all there is to do. They find that they are working more than having a personal life - which is why they started their business to begin with! They have great ideas about what they want to do to expand their business and attract new clientele but simply don't have the time to pursue those avenues. That is where Atwood, LLC comes in and gives them peace of mind that things are getting done while they concentrate on the larger picture. I work in the background helping with those dominating - yet important - smaller tasks.
  4. What kind of partnership do you expect to have with your clients?
    Candid and open are priorities. I want to help small and medium-sized business owners grow - therefore, starting the process early with a professional who will learn your business with you can be very beneficial.
  5. Why manufacturing, transportation, and related industries?
    At heart, I am a blue collared girl with a while collared education. I find these industries to be more down-to-earth and the people within them very unique. Our personalities are much the same and getting dirty at a job has never bothered me. I decided to pursue these industries not only because of my prior work experience but because I have always had an unnatural fascination with them. This is where I am happiest.
  6. Are you currently working on advancing your professional skills?
    Yes. Professional and personal advancement is very important to me, as the world is constantly changing. There are several avenues I am currently brushing up on and have included in my business plan a schedule to continue developing my skills over the next five years and beyond.
  7. Are you willing to work with larger companies?
    Absolutely! Business owners everywhere - including those more established - need help in some way.
  8. What is a Game Master? Where is the haunted house?
    A Game Master is someone who watches over a group of people while they try to escape from a series of rooms. They have 60 minutes and if they become stumped on what to do, then I offer them hints. The Seattle Escape Games is a branch of the SeattleHaunts, LLC umbrella company. SeattleHaunts, LLC owns and runs the Georgetown Morgue here in Seattle.
Keeping herself busy throughout the year with local businesses.
(All logos used by permission)
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